Deluxe Door Frame  |  Fire Rated Door Frame
1-Hour fire-rated frame

2-Hour fire-rated frame

Electro-galvanised Steel 1.2mm thick to JIS G3313 SECC-P.
Suitable for Direct-on Painting.

Cold-rolled Steel 1.5mm thick to JIS G3141 SPCC-SD.
Finished with primer.
BACK OPENING Back opening of 110mm.
JOINT FINISHING Frame are assembled using MIG welding on inner and outer side of the door frame. All welded areas are treated with etching primer.
REINFORCE PLATE 4 nos. of 1.2mm thick steel plate are welded at 4 corner of the frame, bottom foot plate with 1 hole for floor anchor bolt during installation.
STRIKER PLATE 0.9mm thick stainless steel plate tighten with 2 nos. steel tapping screw for single leaf frame.
MORTAR BOX(lock pocket) Mortar box guard of 15mm deep is welded on lock-side style for single leaf frame.
HINGES 3 nos. of 127mm x 90mm x2.3mm stainless steel hinges spot welded into vertical slot opening of door frame.
SPREADER BAR 2 nos. spreader bars are welded to frame.
WIRE TIES 8 nos. of 4mm. Ø wire ties.
*Other dimensions upon request
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